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Sportsmans Nights

Posted by Martin on April 18, 2013

Sportsmans Dinner

Sportsman Dinners at Mcleans.


3 Course Carvery at £12.50

We can cater for anywhere from 20 people to 150 people.

Guest speakers can be arranged


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Posted by Violet on
Don't try and use it to test sites for screen-readers. For many rnasoes.. it's a poor subsitute for mature screen-reader software and requires a lot of changes to a website to exclude navigation and other stuff. But, you won't be able to either, because it only works on authorised sites that have paid up.
Posted by Phatama on
Your facts are severely lnkaicg in reference to the amount of time the Rams were in Los Angeles. They were in Anaheim from 1980 to 1994, still referring to themselves as the Los Angeles Rams, but they played in the LA Coliseum from 1946 to 1979. 1946 to 1994, nearly 50 years in total that they occupied the Los Angeles/Orange County landscape as the NFL team known as the Los Angeles Rams , sharing the local market only the last 12 years with the Raiders, from 1982 to 1994. Both the Rams and the Raiders moved in the summer of 1995, to St. Louis and Oakland respectively. You can't discount nearly 50 years of presence in the greater L.A. metropolitan region. Georgia Frontiere inherited the team after the accidental death of her husband, Carol Rosenbloom, then fired her stepson, Steve Rosenbloom, and assumed total control of the team, which first led to their flight south of the Orange Curtain, and then ultimately to her birth hometown, St. Louie. All evidence points to the Rams return to L.A. as one of 2 teams to reclaim the territory as a local NFL franchise, prior to 2014. While nothing in life is inevitable other than death and taxes, this is the closest thing to it. The rebirth and homecoming of the shanghaied Los Angeles Rams. Mark it on your calendar. They'll be playing in the Rose Bowl by 2014, and all the foreigners AKA out-of-town transplants will have to finally give up the ghost of their abandoned cities of origin, and embrace the fact that they're now Los Angelinos, rooting for THEIR hometown team, the L.A. Rams. Jump on the bandwagon now, before it becomes too trendy.
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